Hire Dan


Hey guys, are you frustrated with not having consistent results in your home waters? Do you feel like there’s something you're missing or tired of wasting money on fuel and bait just to come home empty handed….?

Well, if this sounds like you, why not “Hire Dan” to do the hard work for you. 

For $199 I’ll put together a comprehensive video that will reveal over a dozen new spots in your home waters based on: Recent Seasonal Trends, Feeding Behavior and of course My Big 4 (bait/current/structure/nearby depth change).  

In your personalized video, I’ll walk you thru exactly how I would target these areas, based on weather, tides, time of day and science. This approach is the exact blueprint that has made me successful in my new home waters.   

Guys, it’s time to get the skunk off the boat and start making memories. Email me to set up a meeting  DanFromSavannah@Gmail.com